Why Fast Fashion is Bad for the Environment

Fast Fashion has changed the way consumers think of clothing. Disposable, mass-produced, and widely distributed, fast fashion has become the default for what the world thinks of when it comes to dressing themselves. Clothing is one of the few items we continuously use, no matter what. However, the consumer consciousness has led us to believe we need to keep up with the current trends in order to feel some sense of satisfaction, when in the case of clothing, less is more. 10% of fast fashion produced for retailers will actually sell, leaving the remaining 90% to be thrown out in landfills or burned. That number is startlingly high, especially considering the amount of resources needed for fast fashion.

American Recycled Clothing offers a sustainable clothing solution. We have established relationships with textile clothing mills to recycle their unwanted inventory and repurpose it to fit the trends of today. From jeans to flannel, band tees or pullovers, don’t work off the notion that what was once popular once will never be that again. Re-working articles for your own unique style and purpose is what we’re here to help with.

Learn more why Fast Fashion is so bad for the environment, and be sure to shop American Recycled Clothing instead. We are a zero-waste company determined to reduce the amount of waste produced by fast fashion in order to help the planet and look great doing it.

What Is Fast Fashion?

Fast fashion is defined as clothing which moves quickly from the runway to retailers to keep up with new trends. It is mass-produced and typically poor quality. Oftentimes, consumers will wear a fast fashion pair of pants or shirt once or twice, and then donate it. But the truth of the matter is, donation centers cannot keep up with the number of donations they receive and will then throw clothing away. It’s easy for us to overlook. Afterall, if we’ve dropped our donated clothes off, it’s rare for us to think of what comes next. We did the right thing, didn’t we, by donating them? But the likelihood donated clothes will be disposed of to the landfill or even burned is high.

In 2012, 2.5 billion pounds of clothing ended up in landfills, and that number is only increasing as consumers overlook sustainable clothing solutions. Only 10 percent of clothing is moved through retailers, and the remaining 90 is thrown away, after being worn only once or not at all. This is a startling use of resources for something we as humans take so seriously: fashion. Fashion is a form of self-expression, and it’s also one of the few items which never loses its intended purpose overtime. But the way we produce clothing can change.

Why Is Fast Fashion Bad for the Environment?

The amount of resources it takes to produce fast fashion is shocking at minimum; the price of maintaining fast fashion in the way we do now will cost us more than the ten dollars you may spend on one shirt. While the cost of fast fashion is appealing, along with the little burst of gratification you get when you first buy it, consider the larger environmental impacts. To put it in perspective, the amount of water needed to grow enough cotton for a single tee shirt is 2700 litres. That is close to three years’ worth of drinking water for one person.

If the fashion industry continues to carry on this way, CO2 Emissions for the fashion industry are predicted to increase nearly 50% by 2030. While the cost of fast fashion may be appealing and the only affordable solution for some, the cost this has on the environment is much greater.

What Can We Do To Be More Consumer Conscious?

Understanding how something as minute as buying a tee shirt one time can actually be a major blow to the environment can be overwhelming. From there, it can be tricky to understand how we can begin to be more consumer conscious. The good news is, American Recycled Clothing has been working in this direction to provide solutions for you, since 1995.

As consumers, we hold the power to make responsible decisions and shop sustainably. The sustainable alternative when it comes to shopping for clothes is not to manufacture more of what we don’t need, but use what we already have. By repurposing the 90% of clothes disposed of annually, we can use the fabric like a resource all on its own. Whether it’s rehauling your wardrobe, buying recycled clothing in bulk to design your own clothing label, or using what’s available for anything you can think of, this will help the environment in more ways than one.

The Future of Fashion is Sustainable with ARC

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