Thrift Over Fast Fashion

Since 1992 we have been supplying retailers with wholesale vintage clothing so they can offer their customers unique products at fair market price points, without contributing to the wasteful methods of fast fashion.

Buy Wholesale Vintage Clothing in Bulk

Our main operating warehouse floor plan is one that emphasizes time efficiency for those who wish to handpick products. Decades of industry experience allow us to curate orders for certain clientele who wish to purchase in bulk, as well as create private label upcycled collections.

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Get New In The Old School

Our inventory truly sets us apart. For 25 years we have had an active policy of time-capsuling inventory, with the understanding that the tired looks of today will eventually become desirable in the coming decades.

Think Secondhand First 

American Recycled Clothing is the premier distributor of commodity used and wholesale vintage clothing. 

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